Shake & sip better cocktails


'Finally, we create gastronomic & alcohol-free cocktails' 鈥 La Libre Belgique

'A rich flavour experience which you can't find with any other non-alcoholic spirit' 鈥 Knack Weekend

'I can now enjoy cocktails without the negative side effects of alcohol, preservatives and artificial flavours. It's amazing!' 鈥 Simone A.

Easy nolow cocktail recipes

Only real herbs, no extracts

We distill & blend real herbs. We use no flavour extract (not even natural extracts)

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Healthy & digestible cocktails

100% natural spirits

Sip cocktails while avoiding negative side effects from artificial flavours, preservatives & e-numbers.

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Distilled from Field To Bottle

We grow award-winning herbs in Belgian terroir. And so, we only distill real ingredients for pure botanical N/A spirits. Enjoy the pleasure of cocktails & sip better!

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B么tan is the first distillery of supreme non-alcoholic spirits made from real ingredients

We distill pristine herbs and flowers grown by ourselves in Belgian terroir. We use no artificial flavours and no preservatives. This results in a spirit with unparalleled flavour and depth.聽

Served by the best Michelin star restaurants worldwide

B么tan is served by the beste Michelin star restaurants. Chef's create flavour from herbs. So do we!

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How to serve B么tan?

With B么tan, you can make a simple highball cocktail by combining 25ml of B么tan, 100ml of soda water, topped with a squeeze of lime.

But for extraordinary N/A pleasure, you can now discover our easy recipes.聽Start experimenting now!聽

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