Pomelo Asada

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Indulge in Pomelo Asada, Bôtan Distillery's non-alcoholic bôtanical cocktail that's ready to drink and crafted to perfection. This smokey cocktail features the vibrant flavors of mexican peppers and fruity bitters, such as grapefruit - expertly blended for a delightful taste experience.



Bôtan Oriental Roast® [water, natural botanical distillates], natural mono distillates*: jalapeno, chili, black pepper, lime verbena, cumin, water, honey**, grapefruit juice (NFC)

**Belgian origin
(NFC) = Not From Concentrate
1 bottle holds 6 to 7 glasses (serves of 110 ml)
Shelf life: 2 years unopened
After opening: Consume within 8 days and keep refrigerated
SHAKE before USE
Cultivated, distilled and blended by Bôtan Distillery
0,00% ABVno alcohol · No E-numbers · No Citric Acid · No Potassium Sorbate · No added sugars · No concentrates · No artificial sweeteners · No chemical flavour aromas · No Extracts of herbs / fruits · No preservatives · no Gluten · no vitamine c aka ascorbic acid · no additives · no color agents · no emulgators · no stabilizers

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Pomelo Asada

Grapefruit — Jalapeno — Spice

Pomelo Asada

Pomelo Asada presents a refined, distilled non-alcoholic cocktail crafted from hand-selected Mexican jalapeno peppers, each carefully roasted and smoked before undergoing distillation.

This gastronomic delight offers a multi-layered flavor experience, commencing with a bold and impactful aroma, leading to a distinctive palate sensation, and culminating in an ever-evolving aftertaste that lingers delightfully.


Serve ice cold & pour 110 ml* over ice ball or big ice cube in tumbler glass, garnish with slice of lime or basil leaf.
*Alcoholic version: add 30 ml Tequila.

Food Pairing

Ideal as a hearty aperitif (but especially digestif), also usable
as a pairing with oily spicy roasted Mexican cuisine such as
El Pastor, mole, curries, ...

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