Hanami [Private Collection]

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Bôtan Hanami brings an ode to the flavour of Shiso. The blend combines the flowers of exclusive citrus fruits as Japanese mandarins and limes with exclusive and high-end Japanese shiso from our fields. The pure botanical blend has both floral and bittersweet flavour notes with a tingly finish.
No preservatives
No artificial flavours
No sugar or sweeteners 
No alcohol - not even before or during production 
Plant-based & vegan 
Craft spirit, made in Antwerp
500ml / good for up to 20 no/low cocktails (the spirit is strong)
12 single distilled herbs

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Hanami [Private Collection]

Orange fruits — Mandarins — Floral and tingly sansho pepper — Shiso

Hanami [Private Collection]

As a non-alcoholic flavor institute, we rely on superior botanicals that we grow, distill and blend ourselves into premium
non-alcoholic Botanical Spirits. These are made only from real ingredients. Therefore, one bottle contains 500gr of fresh
botanicals. With our Botanical Spirits you create mindful and clean cocktails with a deep aroma palette. These products
always need another act or mise en place to create a gourmet cocktail or pairing with.

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