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Bôtan Distillery is a flavour institute of superior Non-Alcoholic Distillates. We distill and grow herbs and flowers ourselves driven by time, terroir and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on not using artificial ingredients or preservatives. That's why our Non-Alcoholic Spirits are superior.  

Real Ingredients

The inspiration for our honest philosophy lies in the extensive list of ingredients of your non-alcoholic spirit. Just read the back of the bottle of all other non-alcoholic spirits. The list starts with water, sugar and then an enumeration of artificial flavors, preservatives, sugars and e-numbers. You don't expect this, right?

We decided to take a different approach and stepped out of the industrialized frame of reference of spirits. Our spirits contain no industrial flavors, no preservatives and no sugars. In addition, we skip the industrial process of de-alcoholization.

Liquid Technology 

To achieve this, we returned to nature. Together with our culinary herbalist W. Maes, we studied herbs, flowers and spices from all over the world. We analysed the molecular structure and presence of natural preservatives.

By developing a groundbreaking liquid technology, we established a new category of N/A spirits. Our technology enables to capture the complete flavour palette of herbs. 


Our N/A Botanical Distillates are served by World's greatest chefs and bartenders. Superior, gastronomic-grade and an expression of seasons.  


Same Day Dispatch

All orders placed before 10:00 Monday to Friday are dispatched same day.

Free & Fast Delivery

A free fully-trackable 2-day delivery service on all orders over €70.

100% Organic

All our blends are distilled from organic herbs only. No pesticides.