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Celebrate the essence of Japanese terroir with our signature creation, Shizo cocktail. This non-alcoholic, ready-to-drink cocktail beautifully combines the distinct flavors of red Shiso and Yuzu. Experience the delicate essence of freshly harvested Shiso from Japan, cultivated and distilled in Belgium. Shizo is the epitome of Botan Distillery's craftsmanship, offering a unique and unforgettable taste journey.

Bôtan Hanami® [water, natural botanical distillates], natural mono distillates*: shiso, sansho, black pepper, orange blossom, water, honey**, lime juice (NFC), yuzu juice (NFC)
**Belgian origin
(NFC) = Not From Concentrate
  • 1 bottle holds 6 to 7 glasses (serves of 110 ml)
  • Shelf life: 2 years unopened
  • After opening: Consume within 8 days and keep refrigerated
  • SHAKE before USE
  • Cultivated, distilled and blended by Bôtan Distillery
  • 0,00% ABV
  • no alcohol · No E-numbers · No Citric Acid · No Potassium Sorbate · No added sugars · No concentrates · No artificial sweeteners · No chemical flavour aromas · No Extracts of herbs / fruits · No preservatives · no Gluten · no vitamine c aka ascorbic acid · no additives · no color agents · no emulgators · no stabilizers

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Yuzu — Shiso — Cherry — Almond — Sakura


Introducing Shizo, a luxurious distilled non-alcoholic cocktail, crafted from our fields to your glass. We pride ourselves on cultivating the finest Japanese botanical, Shiso.

Renowned in Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide. This gastronomic masterpiece offers a symphony of flavors, with three distinct layers unfolding from a captivating aroma to a palate-pleasing twist, culminating in an ever-evolving aftertaste. Experience the essence of sophistication with every sip of Shizo.


Serve ice cold & pour 110 ml* over ice ball or big ice cube in tumbler glass, garnish with slice of lime or basil leaf.
*Alcoholic version: add 30 ml Gin or neutral Sake.

Food Pairing

Ideal as an aperitif, it can also be used to pair with Japanese
cuisine such as sushi, raw fish dishes with sweeter seafood,
barbecue lobster.

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