How to use our Tasting Kit?

How to use our Tasting Kit?

Bôtan Distillery combines the Distillers Collection into a Tasting Kit. Discover the expression of the five blends.

Our distillery is unique. The distillates possess character, complexity, and layers. Explore the flavor palette of the five blends that differentiate themselves through their expression in the nose, the palate in the mouth, and the long finish.

The Distillers Collection is based on a region in the world and its terroir. Each blend combines ingredients including fresh herbs, blossoms, and spices that are unique to the climate and terroir. This results in an expression of the culinary culture, making the blends pair perfectly with the regional culinary cuisine.

The pronounced character of our N/A (non-alcoholic) spirits is distinctive. Unlike other brands, Bôtan Distillery is not an imitation of an alcoholic gin. We don't just "replace" a moment and we stand against the industrialization of the N/A sector. We create N/A spirits with craftsmanship and authenticity, resulting in intense distillates.

Thanks to the Tasting Kit, you'll discover your favorite blend. Using the method below, you'll distinguish the aroma, taste, and aroma palette (the perfect combination of all sensations).


Take 5 wine glasses. Tasting in a wine glass allows the full aroma palette to unfold.

Unbox the Tasting Kit. 

  • Distillers Collection (5 blends) 
  • Gastronomic Serve Guide 
  • Jigger 
  • 12% discount Gift Card 

Have all the ingredients ready for the Tasting Session. I'll list them for you

  • Ice cubes (10 pieces are sufficient)
  • Tonic Water
  • Ginger Ale
  • Grapefruit Soda or Ginger Beer
  • Sparkling water
Pour the smallest jigger measure (25ml) per blend into a wine glass. Start from left to right with Pine Haze, Juniper Garden, Citrus Spice, Signature Blend, and Oriental Roast.
Take a seat and focus.

Tasting Session 

The Tasting Session consists of two parts. First, we discover the aroma palette, then we make Tasting Serves and explore the taste palette or the complete aroma palette.

Part 1: smelling

Experience the aroma through smell. It's enticing, but... it's just a little too early to taste.
Begin the Tasting Experience in Europe with the Pine Haze distillate, reflecting the Scandinavian terroir. Continue with Juniper Garden, a reflection of the Mediterranean region. Then we travel to Japan through the Citrus Spice blend. Hop to North Africa for an expression of our Signature Blend. We conclude in Central America with the Oriental Roast distillate.

Take the Gastronomic Serve Guide and turn to page 36. This page displays the aroma palette of the Pine Haze blend. Off we go!

Experience the aroma by swirling the glass and bringing it to your nose. Smell with your mouth closed first, then with your mouth open. Do you notice it? You capture even more aroma. Another tip: smell briefly. If you smell for too long, your senses adapt, the scents become familiar, and you distinguish the aromas less well.
Discover the aroma of each distillate one by one. Don't worry if you want to take a break. Our distillates remain intense.


Part 2: tasting

Now it's time for a tasting of the Distillers Collection. We do this by adding a mixer and creating small Tasting Serves. See the recommendation below.

The taste palette of our distillates comes to life through the addition of acidity, sweetness, and/or bubbles. Did you know that spirit sommeliers add water to explore the full taste palette? We also add a form of water to fully discover the taste palette.

The Tasting Serves align with the Perfect Serve of each blend (see Gastronomic Serve Guide), yet they represent only a fraction of the final result.

The goal of the Tasting Kit? To discover your preferred distillate together. Then you can create the Perfect Serve of your favorite distillate.

The taste palette might be different from what your nose indicated. Perhaps Pine Haze isn't your preferred aroma, but its taste palette surprises you? Or maybe you're amazed by the Signature Blend, where floral and soft rose and white tea notes take the lead?


Tasting Serves Recipes 

Pine Haze + 50ml Ginger Ale + 2 ice cubes
Juniper Garden + 25ml Tonic + 25ml sparkling water + 2 ice cubes
Citrus Spice + 25ml Tonic + 25ml sparkling water + 2 ice cubes
Signature Blend + 50ml Ginger Ale + 2 ice cubes
Oriental Roast + 50ml Grapefruit Soda or Ginger Beer + 2 ice cubes



Do you notice that the nose of the Tasting Serves is different from the nose of the pure distillate? The addition of acidity, sugar, or bubbles fully opens the palate. The scents sparkle and become even more expressive.

From the start, we challenged ourselves to create complex and layered N/A distillates. This allows you to craft gastronomic and mature N/A cocktails at home. During the tasting, also pay attention to the impact of our N/A blends on the mouthfeel. It's full, layered, and impactful. The finish is also long and layered.



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